Dr. Mohan Achwal.

MBBS, DCH, FFARCS(Ire), FRCA(UK), Board Certified Anesthesiologist (USA)

Most ailments originate from either metabolic syndrome (deranged underlying biochemistry) or osteoarthritis. These diseases are self-inflicted and are caused by ignorance. They can be prevented or reversed.

I have worked in many different specialties of medicine and I have postgraduate degrees from India, Ireland, U.K., and U.S.A.

I have kept myself abreast with the medical advances from 1969 till now, thus seeing the knowledge virtually expand astronomically in front of my very eyes. I thus have a unique ability to see the whole picture.

Everyone knows that the real treatment is to change the habits of the person but doctors only passingly mention that and prescribe the medications.

Very few people know how to change an established lifestyle. Availability of processed food, the body and mind’s vulnerability to get hooked on it, and the time pressure of modern times has made the majority of the people unable even to start thinking about lifestyle change.

I have experimented on myself and been successful

I have proved that on myself that metabolic syndrome and musculoskeletal ailments can be cured without medications! At age 70, I am not on any medications with BMI 23, A1C 5.6, and blood pressure 135/70 heart rate 65/min, energy and physical fitness better than my age 40

I can help you cure your biochemistry and musculoskeletal disorders

I can help you to lose weight, drop A1c, drop the elevated blood pressure, prevent/ameliorate or cure pain in knees,shoulders,neck and back using foundational principles discovered by me