How I cured my knee pain and prevented arthritis of the knee joint ?

I started noticing knee pain on walking when I was 60 years old. Initially, it was tolerable and would go away after walking a little bit. I ignored it for 5 years as there was no pain at rest. Then suddenly one day my knee joint got swollen after an exertion. The orthopedic surgeon told me I have that I had arthritis and give me ibuprofen tablets. I knew that they were not going to cure my knee.

Who am I and How did I develop this method of cure ?

My name is Dr. Mohan Achwal. I am a triple board-certified anesthesiologist with a deep understanding of how every part of the human body works, both the structure and the function.


When I was told that I have knee arthritis because of my age, I knew instantly that this was wrong and I knew that there has to be a way to cure it completely. That is simply because I had observed several times that when there is something that starts going wrong in the body, the body always gives an indication. If we take that indication seriously, look back, and analyze our habits we most often find out that there was something wrong we were doing that was causing the problem. I have noticed that on a variety of conditions I have suffered, identified, and cured without medications and supplements, Instead of taking those tablets I just gave rest to the joint and used hot fomentation till the swelling went down.

When the swelling went down I noticed that there was pain at the insertion of the tendon of adductor longus muscle, a long muscle that lies on the medial side of the thigh. That gave me a clue that muscle was weak and shortened and that was causing the problem. That muscle needed lengthening and strengthening at the same time.

I had already experimented and had successfully cured my neck pain and back pain with a technique that I had developed to simultaneously lengthen and strengthen a particular group of muscles. I applied that technique to all the muscles related to the movement of knee joints and my knee pain went away completely in a few weeks. My knee pain never came back. Now I am 70 years old. I can run jump, run up and down the stairs, sit cross-legged for long hours, can squat and get up from squatting position and I have no knee pain. I do not have even stiffness of knees after driving 250 miles at one stretch that I have done several times recently.

I developed this method by observation and interpretation of the human biology, anatomy, and physiology of the human body, evolution of the human body, observation of how various animals, birds, different monkeys, and babies use their bodies instinctively and gain strength and ability to use different parts of the body.

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