Creating peace of mind is just a game that is played inside the mind. Just learn how to play it and you will produce peace in days. Play it every day and you will get expert in weeks

Dr.Mohan Achwal

Creating peace of mind is a game just like any other game

Creating peace is similar but involves thought processes that are focused on the thoughts themselves.

Creating peace involves playing a game with your own thoughts

Understanding the basic neurophysiology is necessary for playing the games inside your mind

Understanding basic neurophysiology is just like learning how the tools work or reading a user manual or operating instructions

When you understand that you will be able to understand what is behind a particular thought and how that thought is affecting your emotions and influencing your actions

What is peace of mind?

Before understanding what peace of mind is, one should understand what is a pleasant thought, what is an unpleasant thought, and what is an emotional overlay of any thought

Then one should recognize the thoughts surfacing to the conscious level from the subconscious while in the awake state and asleep state retrospectively

Then one should learn how to change the emotional overlay over the resurfacing unpleasant thought

A thought is an electrical circuit whereas memory is stored in the cells in form of molecules. 

Most of the thoughts are being played in the subconscious mind

You only notice the thoughts which are surfacing into the consciousness

The surfacing thoughts give us the tools to change the subconscious

The establishment of peace is essential for health

That is because emotions have a direct effect on the body via the autonomic nervous system and hormones

The establishment of health is essential in creating peace of the mind

That is because peace is a game of the brain and the brain is a part of the body. Unless the underlying biochemistry and all the support systems like the cardiovascular system and the oxygen delivery work well, the brain will not function well. Also if the body is not functioning well, a large number of brain resources will be diverted in trying to correct that

The establishment of both peace and health is essential in achieving any success

That is because success is not possible without banishing the negative emotions like fear of failure, fear of success, worry, anxiety, restlessness, burnout, sadness, despair, to name a few, and converting them into positive emotions like hope, love, resilience, steadfastness, surrender, and detachment, to name a few

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