How is the rejuvenation is possible?

The health of an individual consists of health in the body and a sound mind.

Mind and body influence each other.

Sickness in one can reflect in sickness in another. Health in one reflects health in another.

If you want a healthy body, train the mind.

Training the mind means training which thoughts surface, and what emotions are generated from each thought. This is done through contemplation and meditation. “How, when, and how much matters”


If you want to have a sound mind, with an elevated consciousness, train the body!

Training the body means training of all physiological functions!

 Eating, sleeping, drinking water, using the body are examples of physiological functions. What, when, how, and how much matters!

What is a healthy body?

What is a sound mind?

When both the body and the mind are sound.

When the mind and the body are sound they work in unison and life is uplifted both materialistically and spiritually.

Training of the body consists of training of metabolic system that’s the biochemistry of the body, and training of the locomotor system that is the musculoskeletal system and all the systems that are supporting it like cardiovascular system and the oxygen delivery to the tissues

Training the mind consists of understanding neurophysiology behind the mind and training it through right contemplation and right meditation. “How, when, and how much matters”

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